Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga

September is National Yoga Awareness Month……The perfect opportunity to tap into your inner YOGI!!! After reading the top 10 benefits,  I dare you to think of 1 reason you shouldn’t give it a try. Studios… Continue reading

Resolve to Evolve in 2012

There is so much pressure as we enter into January. If you really think about it, the pressure is completely and utterly self-inflicted. 3 weeks into the New Year, people are already going back on the promises… Continue reading

Starbucks is MY OFFICE…

Pretty fitting for a former Seattleite, right?!  Kinda funny too because, defines a Seattleite as 1. Any person living in, or within ten miles of  the city of Seattle, WA 2.Is easily agitated when… Continue reading

Bring on the ‘Yummy Yoga’ !!

Grand Opening 2 WEEKS AWAY! Everything is all moved into the brand new location. There is still so much work to be done: *update business license *set-up insurance policy *contact the Chamber of… Continue reading

Key to My Heart…

Today, I received the keys to the studio! Tomorrow is moving day. I am still waiting for all of this to sink in. HERE I COME DOWNTOWN MOBILE!!! This is kind of terrifying.… Continue reading

Party like it’s …..2005 ???

So, I mentioned in my very first blog entry that 2005 is when my story begins. This is the year I began my personal yoga practice…. I affectionately call myself the ‘accidental yogini‘… Continue reading

….And then there was ZEN

This Fall will be the 3 year anniversary of “Zen in Your Den“, the original  moniker for SCULPT Yoga and Fitness~ ZEN in YOUR DEN: Yoga at your convenience, at your pace, in… Continue reading

Brooke of All Trades

I’ve been an employee since I was fifteen. I can honestly say that I gained valuable experience….. And doesn’t everyone?! Seriously, I learned a lot and not just figuratively speaking. Here’s where I… Continue reading

Tech Savvy…

So today, my intent was to already have a blog entry complete before going on-line…. no such luck  😦 It all started yesterday evening, as my excitement over sharing my life grew. Elated… Continue reading


My name is Brooke Collins, owner of Sculpt Yoga and Fitness….. Downtown Mobile’s 1st YOGA STUDIO!!! As a Fitness Specialist, I’ve earned a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of South Alabama (GO… Continue reading