Brooke of All Trades

I’ve been an employee since I was fifteen. I can honestly say that I gained valuable experience….. And doesn’t everyone?!

Seriously, I learned a lot and not just figuratively speaking. Here’s where I differ — my employment history is equivalent to my age. LITERALLY:

  1. Daycare Center Activities Coordinator [I basically ate snacks with the toddlers and attempted to organize arts and crafts projects.]
  2. The only Popeye’s Chicken in the Great Northwest, at that time [Families came from miles around for the Cajun recipe and tipped really well—– that’s right, TIPPED! I learned fast that people looooovvvveee a friendly face and bubbly personality.]
  3. Kitchen Personnel during Military Training Camps [$10 per hour to load an industrial strength super dish washer and clean the “mess hall” after the recruits ate meals in exactly 2 minutes——-in retrospect, those soldiers had precision. Food rarely ended up anywhere but their mouths (quite a talent in itself, if you ask me 🙂 ). ]
  4. Baby-Sitter Extraordinaire [Every teenage girls’ right! My marketing genius came to the forefront as I surveyed yards with swing-sets and toys, then placed my flyers in those mailboxes. BOOM!!! Better than “Baby-Sitters’ Club”…..instant success.]
  5. Sales Associate at Stein Mart [My first job after high school when I thought “college isn’t for me”….That was short lived. By Fall of 2001, I had registered for classes.]
  6. Cashier at Godfather’s Pizza [ this job came along while I was working at Stein Mart. THE MULTIPLE HATS BEGIN!]
  7. Assistant Manager at U-Store-It & Lock-It [what an important title this was?! Too bad there were only two employees, myself included.]
  8. “Paper Pimpin’ ” [ Totally NOT what you’re thinking , HA… Upper classmen paid me to write their essays and term papers—-I developed a intricate operations plan that kept my pockets fat and everyone’s grades up.]
  9. Tutor [All money isn’t good money. So I went legit, after noticing that the majority of my ‘paper ring’ clientele were student athletes, like myself. This is when my joy for helping others became apparent.]
  10. Branch Manager Express Cash Advance [ the “Bounty Hunter” position lol—-I had to track people down, anywhere and everywhere, to get them to pay off their high interest payday loans …..TOO FUNNY. With that being said, I mastered the art of collections and delinquent accounts.]
  11. Student Athlete [ College basketball player for 3 years—- through women’s athletics my eyes were opened …..MEAN PEOPLE SUCK and I feel they should not be able to socialize with the rest of us.  SN: HEY MEAN PEOPLE, GO HANG OUT AND LIVE AND ASSOCIATE WITH EACH OTHER!]
  12. Referee and Statistician [the best gig for a student athlete plus it was so much fun.]
  13. Cashier at McDonald’s [Don’t tell me you didn’t see that one coming??? A very humbling experience for me …and all at the tender age of 22.]
  14. Sales Associate at Victoria’s Secret [I just knew this was the coolest sales job ever. But —-Dun, DUN, DUUUUNNNN—–then I realized you had to keep all of those bras and panties arranged just-like-so…. as a direct result, I now have self-diagnosed OCD. My unmentionables are arranged just as you would find them in VS 😉 ]
  15. Customer Care at UHAUL [One of the most fun jobs I’ve ever held. Here, I learned to MIX BUSINESS and PLEASURE….Good people, Good money, Good times.]
  16. Phonebook Delivery [Became aware of my power of persuasion. How I managed to talk my sister into helping me delivery those darn ‘Yellow Pages’, over the greater Mobile area, still amazes.]
  17. Flight Attendant  [ALMOST. Hired by Delta Airlines out of 60 other hopefuls, but I promised my mom that if  I could find an “easy part-time job” I would stay in Mobile and finish college—–Regions Bank called that afternoon.]
  18. Teller at Regions Bank [Became so aware of how unfair life can be, with this company—–Mean people should be required to have MEAN stamped across their forehead, in red.]
  19. Barista at Starbucks [Just for fun…reminded me of home. YAY, Seattle!]
  20. Assistant Manager at Express Convenience Store [located in the “bad part of town”, I took this position as favor to a family friend—boy, did I become street smart.]
  21. Professional Student [ So many people roll their eyes at this notion ]
  22. Cashier Smoothie King [pretty random, lasted literally 2 days lol]
  23. Student Assistant at the University South Alabama Recreation Center [this was the start of something beautiful—-USA is were I taught my first yoga class, ever! I’ve always been a talker but I never knew the impact  my voice would have over so may individuals. Participants from that first session were mainstays throughout the 2.5 year stint with campus recreation…..THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, you know who you are.]
  24. Weight room Attendant at the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science [one little flyer changed everything—–I was the FIRST WOMAN TO HOLD THAT POSITION!!!]
  25. Adjunct Teacher ASMS [a direct correlation of all the work I put into starting an after school wellness program….I remember thinking, I could do this for the rest of my life .]
  26. Customer Service Specialist at Harbor Freight Tools [Supplemental income—- doing something you kinda hate to support your OWN dreams and ambitions.]
  27. Physical Education Director for the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of South Alabama [First position out of college.  At this point, I officially have a CAREER.]
  28. Fitness Specialist for Chevron Health Quest Corporate Wellness [Currently, a major contract for SCULPT!!!!]
  29. Owner, CEO, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Wellness Coach, Cheerleader, Drill Sargent, Marketing Manager, Publicist, Party Planner, Personal Shopper, Graphic Artist, Writer, Janitor, Bookkeeper, Customer Service Representative, Secretary to SCULPT YOGA and FITNESS !!!!!!

The way I see it, there were 24 jobs , 4 PROPHECIES, and 1 DESTINY FULFILLED…..