….And then there was ZEN

This Fall will be the 3 year anniversary of “Zen in Your Den“, the original  moniker for SCULPT Yoga and Fitness~

ZEN in YOUR DEN: Yoga at your convenience, at your pace, in your PLACE or SPACE

Catchy, right?!?! My very first account was with the lovely ladies of  University of South Alabama’s Kappa Delta Sorority. I instructed a private class in the common room of the sorority house, after their chapter meeting.

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At the conclusion of  the session, I met a young woman who would forever change my life…..

Are you a personal trainer, as well? Because I want you to be my personal trainer!

She was not taking no for an answer. At that time, I was strictly yoga based , but before I knew it, I was training the Miss Jaguar contestant and several of her closest friends, on a regular basis—– inevitably my slogan became ‘Yoga and Fitness at your convenience, at your pace, in your PLACE or SPACE.’

Coming full circle, the Studio will  be open for business in exactly 29 days!!!  HAPPY, HOPEFUL, EXHILARATED,  ELATED, BRAVE, BOLD, POWERFUL, STRESSED, NERVOUS, RESTLESS, ANXIOUS,   EAGER,  PROUD, JOYFUL ….SO THANKFUL….SO SO BLESSED….. There really aren’t enough words to describe how I’m feeling  (I know, I know, people usually use that phrase and say the complete opposite. Well, I’ve never been speechless a day in my life. EVER.) And if I had to choose just one word……EVOLVED would be perfect. But only if  I haaaaaad to pick  🙂