Party like it’s …..2005 ???

So, I mentioned in my very first blog entry that 2005 is when my story begins. This is the year I began my personal yoga practice….

I affectionately call myself the ‘accidental yogini( Hey! That would make a great book title). Very appropriate because, not only can I be somewhat clumsy, but I literally stumbled into yoga, no pun intended. Seems like a complete oxymoron, I know. But, after years of playing college basketball and falling down, on and off the court —-the fact that I was accustomed to falling made attempting yoga poses soooo attainable—-I figured developing a practice would prevent injury and relieve pain. ADDED BONUS: I could escape my 3 roommates. Yoga provided such an encouraging fulfilling environment.  I became confident and stronger. My inhibitions were gone. The self doubt had disappeared.


That very same year, I moved back to Mobile, then transferred to the University of South Alabama (GO JAGS!) . I also changed my major, for the final time!!!