Resolve to Evolve in 2012

There is so much pressure as we enter into January. If you really think about it, the pressure is completely and utterly self-inflicted. 3 weeks into the New Year, people are already going back on the promises made at the stroke of midnight. Ultimately, resolutions are made because you want to be “better” in one form or another. So, as of the year 2012, no more unattainables—-let’s RESOLVE to EVOLVE. Be the best you that you know how to be.

Evaluate your desires and go after only those that are useful, healthy, and conducive to your journey

Write down one goal you would like to accomplish this month, followed by a few steps to help you reach the goal.  TAKE THOSE STEPS! In February, REPEAT 😉  No matter how small, if you feel your evolution has begun then you are on the right track. Whether, you want to learn a new recipe or take a daily 15 minute walk , consider your overall well-being. Strive to have a better quality of life —— more energy, more enthusiasm, more love.  Toss out that resolution for evolution, TODAY.